29. 05. 2017 V Hudlicích se narodila druhá klisnička :-)
jmenuje se ,,Pampeliška".

klisna JOLENAS ENTERPRISE přivedla na svět dnes v Hudlicích po hřebci GREAT LITTLE STEP krásnou palomino kobylku! 

Majitelům moc gratulujeme!

Prrvní fotky jsou k nahlédnutí zde

Replica Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari is really a super watch which inspired through the hybrid LaFerrari supercar. It features a transverse movement formed just like a vehicle engine, having a vertical tourbillon at one finish, along with a record-breaking 50 day power reserve.

At six o’clock, at the bottom of the situation, may be the vertical tourbillon, an element present in other timepieces produced by Buttet, such as the MP-02 Key of your time, which informs time at different rates. The tourbillon within the LaFerrari watch is very large, having a balance wheel calculating 14.5 mm across, a task possible because of the enormous torque from the 11 mainsprings. In the other finish from the situation may be the socket where a key could be placed to wind the timepiece. The bottom line is really a tool as an electric drill, which winds the timepiece quickly, saving the consumer the agony of getting to wind all 11 barrels by hand.

The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari replica is exotic because the cars it's inspired by. Housed inside a sleek, black PVD coated titanium situation, the MP-05 LaFerrari replica was created by Mathias Buttet, Hublot’s gifted mind of development. Basically a tourbillon watch having a massive power reserve of fifty days, the LaFerrari watch has 11 barrels, each using its own ruby roller to minimise friction and them in position. The 11 barrels are specified by an upright line lower the center from the movement, and all sorts of unwind concurrently.